Women are making important strides in education, careers, and influencing the global economy, while at the same time nurturing families. This is a study to learn about the life stories of women globally. The Purpose of this study is to establish a global project of women's lives and is threefold:

  1. What experiences (identity, relationship style, drive and motivation, and adaptive) shape the life course of women that impact work-family life balance decisions?
  2. How do socio-demographic variables (education, age, country of residence, family composition, profession, marital status, spouse education and profession) influence work-family life balance decisions?
  3. What are the relationships between influencers (family background, mentoring and faith) and career goals on work-family life balance decisions?
The results of this research study have significance for women and men, as well as organizations as we seek to understand more about the work-family life balance issues facing individuals and families today. The results could help in providing women with better understanding of coping strategies both for work and family life; policies that might be more family friendly; as well as contribute to the body of knowledge that supports women pursuing their dreams. Such an archive has great value as a historical, cultural, and educational record. We want to make it possible for women to contribute their story and have it recorded as part of this record.

The DWP is designed to collect women's stories of their life journeys to understand how they balance their life activities and to store these in a permanent collection which scholars interested in issues of women and work-life balance can access, study, and learn from.